A Collection of my Best Photography Work

Sports: Im Soccer

Sports: IM Soccer

Portfolio Piece. During the 2016 Juniata Intramural Soccer season, I followed one team to take photos and videos in aspiration of creating a mockumentary.

Alex Stoudt Photo Shoot

Alex Stoudt Photoshoot

Portfolio Piece. During a hiking trip, a random photoshoot broke out after the discovery of a mediocre tire swing was discovered. Panning motion was  emphasised in the shoot.

People Impacting Huntingdon Project

People Impacting Huntingdon Project

Portfolio Piece. As a community project, I wanted to showcase the people making a positive impact in the Huntingdon county community. In collaboration with ReInvision Huntingdon

high dynamic range trees

High Dynamic Range: Trees

*Photoshop Manipulations*
While learning to take High Dynamic Range pictures by combining shots from 5 different lighting stops, I created this photo of fall trees.

Food Collage

Woody's Bar-B-Q Food Shoot

Portfolio Piece. A group of photos taken at Woody's Bar-B-Q of Huntdingdon, PA. These photos were taken for commercial use, and several were used the the Woody's video series.

Rachel's Eye

Rachel's Eye

*Photoshop Manipulations*
A side view of Rachel Holderman using a lamp with a light diffuser. Photoshop was used to add the golden effect and to soften the edges.