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Joseph Zachary Guiciardi

  Hello. I am a recent graduate of Juniata College with a dual degree Mathematics & Multimedia Arts. While at Juniata, I was also a member of the Men's Volleyball team. In addition to my academic and athletic life, I also spend time playing a variety of videogames. Film Editing has always been a passion of mine. I have loved it since I was first exposed to Adobe Premiere Pro my sophomore year of Highschool, and it has shaped my academic choices ever since.
I have worked in many programs to create my art including: Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Dreamweaver, etc., as well as several years’ experience with taking pictures and filming movies. I have also dabbled in working with painting and texture art, but they never fell into my line of enjoyment of creation. Since I love to edit film, a fun way that I use my editing skills is in my Let's Plays I put on YouTube. They are simple recordings of videogames with commentary, but it is something simple I enjoy doing  that does not take too much effort to record, and I can spend the majority of my time editing.
In addition to working with the Integrated Media Arts, I also am pursuing a degree in Mathematics. I have enjoyed math since I was a young kid. My dad is a college math professor, so it is not hard to imagine where my math brain came from. While I do love math, I hope to one day be able to edit film for a living. I have no idea where or for whom, but I hope to spend the rest of my life infront of a computer moniter with nothing but film on it. I also would not mind if I ended up teaching upper level math like my father. I have always enjoyed math, why not teach it to others? Thank you for your time, and f you want to know more about me, send me an email here.


The following are programs I have used and am familiar with to create various different works of art:

Premiere ProAfter EffectsDreamweaverPhotoshopInDesignIllustratorAudacityMicrosoft OfficeiMovie


Interested in my résumé? Below is a downloadable PDF copy of my résumé. If you wish for the full version, email me with the request.

PDF Résumé

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From left to right: Zach Guiciardi, Kyle Seeley, Jake Dubé, Quinn Looper.

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